Davide Cassenti

Senior Front End Developer

Davide Cassenti

Full-stack Developer with over 10 years experience in Web Development.

Senior Front End Developer at FacilityLive

Titanium Certified Mobile Developer

Organizer of the Agile Hackathon in London in May 2014

GitHub projects


I currently work Senior Front End Developer for FacilityLive and I mainly work with web-related technologies.

Lately I am focusing on Javascript in all its aspects (client, server, mobile), but I am always happy to learn new languages and technologies.


Winner of the hacktahon organized by Appcelerator with WhereIsEveryone app
Obtained Titanium TCAD and TCMD certificates
3rd place at Codefest Virtual Combat in 2011
1st place at Italy's Regional Selections for the 14th International Olympiad in Informatics.


Tutor at Code4Kids organized by FacilityLive in October 2014.

Organized the Agile Hackathon in London in May 2014.

Collaborated with Code Bar as HTML/Javascript coach.

Founded WeChangedIt - stories of people who dare to change.

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